Vancouros has established a new Human Rights Policy to clearly define the guidelines and responsibilities for development and growth through sustainable, responsible, humane and ethical work values and purposes.

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Vancouros's Solid Residue Management Plan aims the reduction, reutilization and recycling of residues generated within the industrial processess of tanning. Therefore, the company upholds a Screening Central where residues are separated and stored appropriately for subsequent proper destination in conformity with regulator entities. 

Vancouros instructs its employees through lectures, posters and newsletters, to preserve the environment in which we live.

Vancouros instructs its collaborators through lectures and informative brochures enhancing awareness on maintenance and environment preservation.


Vancouros Indústria e Comércio de Couros LTDA commits to society the compromise of producing wet blue leather and subproducts sustainably daccording to the following principles:

  • Accordingly producing leather with today's legislations and environmental norms;
  • Natural resources and energy rationing;
  • Promotion of staff awareness, suppliers and business partners as of each one's environmental responsabilities;
  • Technical cooperation stimulation among research institutions conserving an ever more sustainable development;
  • Development of accident prevention procedures and mitigation of negative environmental impacts;
  • Institution of surveillance protocols and environmental evaluation promoting its evermore enhancement;


According to the instituted protocol by LWG (Leather Working Group) - an international certifier - Vancorous has been reaching maximum pontuations (Gold Award) regarding product traceability, energy use, water consumption, residue and efluent generation, input quality and achieved products.

  • Results of this adopted techonology has been water consumption diminishing;
  • Renewable sources for energy supply such as eucalyptus firewood from reforestation areas;
  • Average of energy consumed to produce a square meter of leather is considered excellent by LWG.


The project Development of nitrogen recovery system from wastewater originated by leather processing, has been approved by CNPq under the thread of Alternative Nitrogen Source.
It is coordinated by Professor Ajadir Fazolo (UTFPR-LD), result of a partership between Vancouros and UEL (State University of Londrina)

The proposition contemplates the nutrient recovery system development regarding its potential utilization in agriculture from tannery wastewater. 
Many graduation and masters degree students are participants in this project.


Vancouros prepares and provides the Environmental Performance Report aiming efficiency demonstration of its processes besides other informations regarding enviroment issues. Results are presented such as energy and water consumption divided by leather production. The performance of these indicators are always in consonance with the highest requirements of LWG.


Vancouros has always aimed to apply the most modern existing concepts concerning water and residue treatment. Some were estabilished after cientific research developed by Vancouros in a partnership with the Superior School of Agriculture Luiz de Queiroz (ESALQ/USP), State University of Londrina (UEL), University of Coimbra (UC), University of Adelaide (UA), Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) and Verti Ecotecnologias S.A.